Better Hearts Programme University College Dublin

Better Hearts Programme, at University College Dublin

Heart 2 Heart works in conjunction with UCD in delivering the Better Hearts Programme in UCD Sport.

Call  017163870 or email for further details.

If you have completed a cardiac rehabilitation programme within the last 6 months and would like to join our phase IV cardiac rehabilitation programme please email or call 01 7163870.  We will be in contact following your registration to ensure we have a referral from your cardiac rehabilitation team.

This is a combined cardiovascular and strength training programme designed to optimise your heart health and reduce your risk of a further cardiac event.  Karen Cradock is a specialist cardiac physiotherapist who has worked in cardiac rehabilitation for over 20 years.


UCD offers a state of the art facility where you can optimise your performance after your cardiac event in a positive evolving environment.

If you have not completed a programme within the last 12 months you will require an individual assessment with specialist cardiac physiotherapist, Karen Cradock. Please email

The next programmes commence on Tuesday the 25th of February , 2020 at 3pm .  Classes run at 9am and 10am, 1pm  & 3pm on Tuesdays and 8.45am, 10am & 12 noon on Thursdays.  Each class lasts fifty minutes. This is a programme unique to UCD where a 14 – 28 week programme is offered in line with current research.



Prior to commencing the programme we will need to ascertain your current capabilities.  If you have not completed a phase III programme in a local facility you will need to have an initial consultation. 

To book you will need to create a password.

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