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Cardiac Rehabilitation Course


This is a course that should be completed after a cardiac event. It allows you to address some
of the reasons that you had a cardiac event and also optimise your physical performance
after this life changing event.

This cardiac rehabilitation course start with a preliminary assessment which includes a short exercise test and
consultation on your risk factors of heart disease.

You then offered the opportunity to work with a group or individually. From the exercise
test we will be able to start the exercise training at a level that suits you and allow
progression over the eight week programme.

At each cardiac rehabilitation session you will be supervised by a specialist cardiac physiotherapist and your
symptoms will be monitored accordingly. Blood pressure and heart rate are monitored
during each session.

We will correspond directly with your cardiologist and GP as you progress and inform them of any
changes over the duration of the cardiac rehab programme.


What we have learned in Heart 2 Heart:

  • Everyone is very different and everyone’s journey in recovery is unique. At Heart 2 Heart we
    adapt over the course your journey to ensure your recovery is full.
  • Everyone adapts at different rates to training so we constantly progress you as you adapt to
    optimise your performance and ensure you get the best outcome from the procedure that
  • The grief process in response to your cardiac event is significant.
  • Commitment to a lifelong rehabilitation journey reaps significant rewards with significant
    reduction in your chances of a further cardiac event.
  • The journey can be lonely and sometimes frustrating but we are here to support you.
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