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Our Fees

Cardiac Rehabilitation Consultation


cardiac physiotherapy

Karen Cradock €150  




Eight Week Once Weekly Programme 


Weekly Face to Face sessions 

Online Education Sessions

Review Consultation 


Twice Weekly Online Programme 

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Twice Weekly monitored online sessions

Online Education Sessions

Review Consultation

All our physiotherapists  are CORU registered, and as Chartered Physiotherapists, we are members of the Irish Society for Chartered Physiotherapists. Therefore your fees are partly or fully redeemable  with all major health insurers.

Health expenses can also claimed through your Income Tax Return. If you are a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) taxpayer, you also have the option to claim relief in real time during the year. You can claim relief on health expenses through myAccount or Revenue Online Service (ROS)

To book: Our office is open Monday to Thursday 9am -4pm and 9am -2pm on Friday on 045484000

Once Weekly Individual Exercise Session – 6 Weeks face to face


This course operates out of our centre in Dublin.

  • Unit 18-20, Merville Road, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin.

This is a once weekly one to one programme, the duration of the exercise session is thirty minutes. During the class your blood pressure and heart rate is monitored by a cardiac physiotherapist. You will also be furnished with a home exercise programme to complete between each weekly session.


Online 6-Week Cardiovascular Course

Once weekly session €140

Twice weekly session €260

Heart 2 Heart offers online cardiovascular training classes which are carried out via Zoom. The
courses run Monday – Thursday and run for 6 weeks. The classes are 50 minutes long and
will be led on Zoom by a chartered physiotherapist, specialising in cardiac care. There is time at the
beginning and end of each session to ask any questions and chat to the team at Heart 2 Heart.


Combined 8 week face to face programme and online programme


This package includes eight weekly face to face exercise sessions and eight weekly online cardiac rehabilitation sessions to compliment your face to face programme. The online sessions run Monday – Thursday and are carried out via Zoom. Both the face to face and online sessions are 50 minutes long and will be led by a chartered physiotherapist specialising in cardiac care.


24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring


€ 70 (Including delivery and return postage)
€ 50  (collection and drop back of device)

24-hour blood pressure monitoring is a way of measuring and managing hypertension (high blood
pressure). We will provide you with a small device and an arm cuff which you will take home with
you and place on you arm for 24 hours. Once switched on, the machine automatically measures your
blood pressure twice every hour during the day and once an hour at night. When you return the
monitor we will download the blood pressure readings and discuss the data with you, before
deciding what the best course of action to take is.





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