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Our Fees

Initial Consultation


The initial consultation with Heart 2 Heart lasts one hour. During this time we will discuss your
background and explore your lifestyle. We will also complete an exercise test. This enables us to
establish your current level of ability and from this we can prescribe exercise that is appropriate for
you, enough to get a challenge to the cardiovascular and muscle. This means that you will over the
course of 4 – 12 weeks start to produce energy more efficiently. At this time you will start to feel
improved energy levels and less frequent bouts of fatigue.


Once Weekly Exercise Session – 8 Weeks



These courses operate out of three centres:

  • Kilcullen Business Campus, Kilcullen, Co. Kildare
  • University College Dublin (UCD Sports Centre) – note this programme is administered by UCD 
  • Mount Merrion Community Centre, Stillorgan.

This is a once weekly programme. During the class your blood pressure and heart rates are
monitored by cardiac physiotherapists. It is a circuit-based class – this allows you to exercise to your
capability while in a group setting. Class sizes are small with no more than eight participants in each
class, allowing for a relaxed atmosphere. You will also be furnished with a home exercise programme
to complete between each weekly session.


Online 6-Week Cardiovascular Course



Heart 2 Heart offers online cardiovascular training classes which are carried out via Zoom. The
courses run on Tuesdays and Thursdays and run for 6 weeks. The classes are 50 minutes long and
will be led on Zoom by a chartered physiotherapist, specialising in cardiac care. There is time at the
beginning and end of each session to ask any questions and chat to the team at Heart 2 Heart.


24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring


60€ (including delivery and return postage)
40€ (collection and drop back of device)

24-hour blood pressure monitoring is a way of measuring and managing hypertension (high blood
pressure). We will provide you with a small device and an arm cuff which you will take home with
you and place on you arm for 24 hours. Once switched on, the machine automatically measures your
blood pressure twice every hour during the day and once an hour at night. When you return the
monitor we will download the blood pressure readings and discuss the data with you, before
deciding what the best course of action to take is.


Exercise Test


Aside from your initial consultation, we may need to carry out an exercise test at different stages
during your rehabilitation journey. This test allows us to examine how your heart rate and blood
pressure are responding to exercise.


Inspiratory Muscle Trainer – Breathing Device

An inspiratory muscle trainer is prescribed to help with symptoms of breathlessness due to
diaphragmatic dysfunction. Speak with your cardiac physiotherapist to find out more and decide if
this device is for you.


Review Appointment





Please check with your health insurers as this is partly covered under physiotherapy on your policy.
This is also covered on your Med 1 form.


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