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Cardiac rehab assessment


The consultation lasts one hour. During that time we will explore your lifestyle and contributors to your chronic disease. We will also complete an exercise test. This enables us to establish your current level of ability and from this we can prescribe exercise that is appropriate for you, enough to get a challenge to the cardiovascular and muscle. This means that you will over the course of 4 – 12 weeks start to produce energy more efficiently. At this time you will start to feel improved energy levels and less frequent bouts of fatigue.

Once weekly eight week course:

Cardiac class in Kilcullen

€240- – Mount Merrion

€240-  Kilcullen

This is a once weekly programme.  During the classes your blood pressure and heart rates are monitored.  It is a circuit based class. This allows you to exercise to your capability while exercising in a group.  Class sizes are small with no more than eight participants in each class. You will also be furnished with a home exercise programme to complete between each weekly session.


Heart 2 Heart Cardiac Physiotherapy

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