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Recovering from a cardiac event or coming to terms with the diagnosis of a cardiac condition can be devastating. It is known to challenge your beliefs around your own mortality and vulnerabilities. 
In your recovery, you will find it difficult to gauge your new changed physical capacity and how much to challenge yourself to gain improvements without being detrimental to your health. A cardiac physiotherapist can help.
Your family are also navigating unchartered territory and can feel anxious about your condition that may have threatened your life. It is difficult for you to move from illness phase of your disease. You become dependent on others into a more self-empowered controlled phase where you can start to manage your disease. Then, the roles within your family will start to return to your pre event situation.

About The Cardiac Physiotherapist 

So what is a Cardiac Physiotherapist? 

As you recover, a cardiac physiotherapist is trained to understand the journey that you have embarked on so far – what happened,  can we identify something that contributed to it and how can I can this to prevent a recurrence or certainly delay a reoccurrence. Cardiac physiotherapists are uniquely trained in a combination of the following: 

Understanding your condition and its implications on your exercise capacity. They will help you identify key areas that you can work on to improve your capacity and this will be specific to you. For example if you are breathless and this is limiting your activities your cardiac physiotherapist can assess your diaphragm and see how much a weakness here is contributing. She will also assess your general muscle strength and establish if this is contributing to your breathlessness.

Also in searching for an area to work on, she will also assess how capable your cardiovascular system including your heart has the ability to response to changes in activity. As the limitation is identified your cardiac physiotherapist will be able to work with you to improve your capacity in each area.

They are able to detect abnormal responses to exercise and work with your cardiac team to reduce this

Work with you on changing your heart risk behaviours

Link how you are feeling to your bodies capacity to produce energy and zone in on specific areas. If training which will reduce what we call your symptom burden but really means you will start to feel better for a given workload of exercise or activity.

Establish when you are stable at rest and can now start to move into a more empowered self management phase with your cardiac team supporting you.

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Karen Cradock, Cardiac Physiotherapist in Ireland with Heart2Heart

In order to specialise in this area, Karen Cradock has worked in four countries, Ireland, England, New Zealand and Australia. She was a pioneer in setting up the heart failure rehabilitation service in Ireland, commencing the programme in St. Vincent’s in Dublin. Her cardiac physio skills were enhanced when also training to masters level exploring exercise training in patients with heart failure.

Karen is committed to the importance of self-care within the cardiac team structure and recognises the importance of clients understanding the disease in order for them to feel a sense of control. She is currently undergoing a certificate in professional education which is enhancing this aspect of the Heart 2 Heart programme.

After working in cardiac rehabilitation for over 20 years, your safety is our priority. Our cardiac physiotherapists at Heart 2 Heart are trained to respond to changes in how you are feeling, such as more breathless and more fatigued. You are closely monitored during each cardiac physiotherapy session. They will escalate care to your cardiologist if necessary. One of the strengths of the Heart 2 Heart Clinic is the prompt communication and follow – up. This will help prevent a hospital admission. 

Cardiac Physiotherapy

Here is a testimonial from one of our valued cardiac physiotherapy clients

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“Highly recommend Heart to Heart clinic which I have been attending since Feb. 2019. Each person is monitored individually in a group setting and this has enabled me to improve my heart health greatly and restore my confidence under the professional
care and supervision of Karen.”


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If you have any questions please call me on 045484000 or email info@h2hcardiacphysio.com

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