Kilcullen - Heart 2 Heart Cardiac physiotherapy

 Kilcullen Business Campus

Heart 2 Heart’s main centre is in Kilcullen Business Campus.  This is a small gym facility with consultation room customised for our clients.

What happens when I call Heart 2 Heart?

If you have completed a cardiac rehabilitation programme you can commence the classes immediately. We will need a referral form from your cardiac rehabilitation professional – please see link below.

If you have not completed a cardiac rehabilitation programme we will need to complete an assessment.  This will involve us identifying your challenges and setting goals with you.  After this you will complete a short exercise test.  This enables us to start your rehabilitation programme at the correct level.

What happens in the classes?

The start of each class your blood pressure will be measured.  You will then be fitted with a heart rate monitor. This allows us to exercise you within your training heart rate range during the session. This means that we do not over or under exert you during the session.

You will then complete a warm up to allow the coronary arteries to fully dilate.  After this you will complete six circuits.  This is followed by a cool down which brings your heart rate back to where it started.

Classes take place on Wednesdays at 11am, 2pm, 3.30pm & 5pm.



Where to find us

Heart 2 Heart is located at Unit 5, Kilcullen Business Campus. This is a gated campus but the gate is open for scheduled appointments.  If you are calling outside of a scheduled appointment time please press the Heart 2 Heart button at the gate.

There is ample parking at the facility and the clinic is located on the ground floor.  The distance from the carpark to our rooms is approximately 25 metres.

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