Post Chemotherapy Rehab | Rehab for Cancer Patients with Heart2Heart

Rehab for Cancer Patients with Heart2Heart

There is no doubt that the impact and treatment of cancer is overwhelming. While initially you may
be kept extremely busy with chemo and radiotherapy and recovery, at a certain point there is a
watershed when this has all passed where the full impact of the diagnosis is felt.
Some common issues post chemotherapy when you move into survivor ship are:


Tiredness After Chemo?

The cancer treatment journey has been rigorous and has had an effect on your body. Chemotherapy is
toxic to the muscles in your body ie in the muscle you use to do everyday things. There is an
approximate 4-6 month wash out period but unless you specially train the muscle you will remain
fatigued. Many people come to us 2 years after chemo still tired.

To do anything we need to produce energy. Fatigue is experienced when we build up waste
products in our muscle as they are unable to produce energy efficiently.

Prior to your treatment sometimes your doctor will recommend prehab which allows for muscle and
exercise capacity build up.


Am I going to stay like this?

If you embark on a cancer rehabilitation programme specific for you which will include aerobic and weight
training, you can improve your energy levels significantly.
At Heart 2 Heart we exercise test you prior to commencing a post chemotherapy programme so that your exercise
prescription is specific for you. This means our rehab for cancer patients takes into account medical history and the specific of your


Why did I get Cancer?

Quite often once the whirlwind of the diagnosis and treatment has passed questions about the
disease and why it happened to me come to the surface. At Heart 2 Heart we can explain what
happened and address some of your risk factors that may have contributed to your cancer diagnosis and
help you address them. There might not be an obvious cause so we will link in with our psychology
colleagues who will help you learn to cope with what has happened.


How Heart2Heart can help Post Chemotherapy

At Heart 2 Heart we foster a supportive environment for our clients so that their recovery can be
optimised. Programmes consist of both aerobic and resistance training and clients are progressed at
their own pace. We want to make sure you get the best post chemotherapy care and treatment. Fill out the contact form below and will be in touch as soon as possible.

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