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What happens in the classes?

Heart 2 Heart runs session that last an hour.  Before you start the class you will complete an exercise test either with your cardiac rehabilitation programme in the hospital or we can complete a test for you.  The exercise test gives us valuable information:

  • Your resting heart rate and blood pressure reading
  • Your heart rate and blood pressure response to exercise
  • A metabolic equivalent level – your current level of ability
  • Overall it gives us an indication of your heart ability to respond to changes in activity


From this test we are able to prescribe a specific training level for you to commence without over or under exerting you. You will be given a training heart rate range.

When you attend a class with Heart 2 Heart, your blood pressure will be checked before you start to make sure this is within target limits.  You will then wear a cardiac monitor enabling us to increase or reduce your exercise intensity in line with your heart rate response on that particular day.  The exercise component of the class starts with a warmup for 15 minutes which is followed by 24 minutes of circuit training.

Circuit training means that you change the particular exercise that you are doing after a number of minutes.  Over the weeks we will gradually increase the time that you are exercising and also the intensity. After the circuits your blood pressure is re measured.

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