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Cardiac Rehabilitation Consultation

An initial consultation with one of our chartered and registered Cardiac Physiotherapists.

Eight week Programme

8 week Cardiac Rehabilitation Course that you will complete at one of our 2 locations.

Educational Programmes for Health Care & Exercise Professionals

Our next online course takes place on the 6th May 2023.

Online Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme

Online Cardiac Rehabilitation that is completed at home except for the initial consultation

COVID – 19 update:


Consultations continue in Kilcullen & Stillorgan

Group sessions have recommenced in Stillorgan and Kilcullen. All PPE requirements and public health guidelines are being adhered to.

Online cardiovascular and education sessions continue.

Keep Safe and Well

What do we offer at Heart 2 Heart Cardiac Physiotherapy

At Heart 2 Heart we care for clients who have come through a cardiac event assisting you in your recovery through monitored and controlled exercise training and lifestyle change.

After a heart attack, cardiac surgery, heart failure or a diagnosis of any cardiac condition it can be very daunting to try to return to a good quality of life and a good level of physical ability. It can be an anxious time for you and your family.

At Heart 2 Heart we offer initial assessment to establish your current level of ability and prescribe an appropriate exercise training regime for you to recover to your full potential under the guidance of a fully qualified specialist cardiac physiotherapist.

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