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Cardiac Physiotheraphy FAQ’s

Am I too old/young to attend?
There is no age limit in attending this programme. With nearly 20 years experience in looking after clients Karen is in a unique position to cater for all age groups.
I am very unfit. Is this programme suitable for me?
As part of the assessment you current level of ability is assessed.  This enables Karen to prescribe an exercise programme that is specifically tailored for you and your needs.
How do I enrol?
If you contact Heart 2 Heart directly, Karen will liase with you doctor to ensure that you are suitable for the programme. You will then complete an assessment and commence the training programme.
Call 087 766 7465 or E-mail: info@h2hcardiophysio.com
If I do not have a cardiac condition can I still attend?
Yes, Karen has over 20 years experience working in cardiac rehabilitation but has also worked in medical areas looking after those who have respiratory conditions, survived cancer and those recovering from a critical illness.  While you might be part of a group of participants with cardiac conditions as the exercise sessions are circuit based the exercises are individualised for you.
Why is it important for me to complete a cardiac rehabilitation programme?
The main benefit of cardiac rehabilitation is to reduce your risk of a further cardiac event through exercise and lifestyle changes.  It will also improve your quality of life by improving your energy levels and helping you come to terms with what has happened.  Remember heart disease is a progressive disease and needs to be managed.  In cardiac rehabilitation your risk factors are addressed and we will help you address the required changes.

FAQs for Online Cardiac Rehab Course

I would consider myself poor at technology and have never used Zoom before. Is this course for me?
Yes, if you have had a cardiac event or a recent diagnosis, this course will be suitable for you irrespective of how accustomed you are to technology. Your cardiac physiotherapist will work together with you to ensure you are able to enter and navigate the Zoom meetings with ease. We will take as much time as is needed to work with you together on this, to make sure you are comfortable and confident using the technology.
What are the benefits of doing this course online, as opposed to face to face?
The benefit of this online course is the fact that it can all be done from the comfort of your own home. Depending on your schedule, living area and lifestyle demands, this online style course may be more suited to you rather than an in-centre based cardiac rehabilitation programme. You will be monitored just as closely and given the same amount of attention as clients who take part in our face to face programmes.
Will I have to wear my heart rate monitor all the time?

No, it is only necessary for you to wear the heart rate monitor during exercise, so that we can monitor your response and detect any significant changes. We will also ask you to complete a 24-hour blood pressure monitor at a particular stage during the course, which is a wearable monitor which you keep on overnight and throughout the day. This is so that we can get accurate blood pressure readings which will guide our decision-making

I have never had a cardiac event. I do, however, have high blood pressure and would like to try to reduce my risk of a cardiac event happening. Is this course for me?
Yes, this course is also suitable for those wishing to prevent a cardiac event. Exercise along with medication is an important aspect of the management for high blood pressure. This course will teach you all about the relative risk factors and how best to manage your blood pressure. The exercise component will be highly beneficial for reducing your risk.
I would consider myself to have low fitness levels and would be nervous about carrying outa ‘Functional Capacity Test’ from my own home. What does this exercise test involve?

This exercise test is carried out in the form of a step test. You will be asked to place your camera so that we can view you on a bottom step in your home, and we will play an audio with clear instructions throughout the test. If you are feeling anxious about this test, be assured that your cardiac physiotherapist will be closely monitoring your heart rate and fatigue levels. We will not push you beyond your ability – you can stop this test at any time
you wish.


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