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Heart 2 Heart Stillorgan

I was referred to Heart2Heart in March 2017 after almost a year of different GPs and consultants trying to figure out what was causing my symptoms following a viral infection (feeling faint, extreme fatigue, brain fog, exercise intolerance, elevated heart rate, blood pressure issues). Having identified the cause as dysautonomia (POTS), Karen Cradock put me on a programme to address the root cause, which brought me back to full health within approx. 4 months

This programme included attending her Better Hearts programme for a number of months, carrying out a graded exercise programme, strengthening exercise and Inspiratory Muscle Training.

The improvement was guided, measurable and significant. Karen is very open with explaining symptoms, root causes and improvement and answered my many questions during my treatment. I will stress that it took a lot of dedication and work on my part – all of the elements of the treatment programme centred around action from me –  but the improvement was radical. I went from barely functioning and feeling symptoms constantly, every single day, to full fitness.

I had a recurrence of my symptoms after contracting COVID in 2022 after which I had some more sessions with Karen where she tailored a programme to bring me back to fitness and symptom reduction.

I cannot speak highly enough of Karen. Her programme was literally transformative for me and my family.  


Age: 55

Heart 2 Heart Stillorgan

I attended Heart to Heart on the advice of my cardiologist. I was keen to improve my health but was anxious about starting an exercise program on my own. 

Following a detailed assessment I started on a regular exercise routine. The supervision was excellent and I felt supported and encouraged at every stage. I would highly recommend Heart to Heart.


Age: 63

Heart 2 Heart Stillorgan

I can highly recommend Heart 2 Heart’s cardio rehab exercise programme for those recovering from a cardiac event. The programme is very well structured and commences with a one-to -one consultation to  establish a base line from which to work from –  in terms of your cardio fitness. The exercise classes are carefully supervised and fully monitored and each participant works to their own plan –  agreed with the therapist.  The exercise sessions are supplemented with excellent education classes and information online. Overall a very motivational experience which has greatly helped me on the journey to improve my cardio health. Many thanks again to Karen and the team for all their help.


Age: 61


Highly recommend Heart to Heart clinic which I have been attending since Feb. 2019. Each person is monitored individually in a group setting and this has enabled me to improve my heart health greatly and restore my confidence under the professional
care and supervision of Karen. Noel

Heart 2 Heart Online Programme

I started attending Karen’s Heart 2 Heart classes over 2 years ago, following a recommendation from my Cardiac Consultant.

I was diagnosed with a Heart Condition over 6 years ago and struggled with identifying a sustainable training program that I felt comfortable and safe attending.

I could not recommend Karen highly enough. Her classes are specific and focused on a sustainable training program. The classes are conducted in both a professional and easy to follow manner that gives me confidence when I train.

More importantly Karen’s dedication to her clients and attention to detail and understanding of my individual needs and concerns, gives me the confidence that I lacked in any previous classes I attended elsewhere. Karen listens to any clients’ relevant concerns before all classes and addresses accordingly for the class.

I feel that Karen creates a safe community and is attentive to her clients needs for every single class. I believe I have seen significant improvements within the parameters of my illness.


Age: 41

Mount Merrion, Dublin

I look forward to my Heart2Heart workout at Mount Merrion together with a regular group, safe under the personal care of an expert Cardiac Physio. Karen quickly gets to know her clients and trains us according to our ability and health. Lots of laughs.It’s fun. Fred Duffy

83 year old


After the trauma of a heart operation, I decided to enrol in Heart2Heart rehab sessions at Killashee Leisure Centre. I found these to be invaluable in helping me back towards former fitness levels. With each session my physical wellbeing and mobility increased. The quiet efficiency and skill of our physio Karen gave me great confidence in continuing exercising at home, in between the weekly sessions. I would definitely recommend these sessions to others. The road to recovery can be a difficult one; however the recovery process can be greatly assisted given a positive environment, knowledge base, skill, and professional links. I consider it a privilege to be able to say that in Heart2Heart I found these qualities to be available in abundance. Tom Ryan

Heart 2 Heart Programme

Heart failure is an ever increasing problem throughout the Western world, and particularly in Ireland. The diagnosis of heart failure carries major physical, but also psychological implications where often confidence is lost with the diagnosis and patients withdraw from physical activity owing to understandable anxieties that physical activity may worsen their heart condition. It is for this reason that cardiac rehabilitation plays such a crucial role in the management of patients with heart failure.
All patients with a diagnosis are typically referred to a dedicated heart failure rehabilitation service in their local hospital and the feedback, following rehabilitation, is universally positive. Many however wish to continue the service and to this end the Heart to Heart programme, set up by Karen Cradock, now provides this service in the community outside the hospital setting. A large number of my patients are now part of this service and this has universally added to their physical well being, their mental well being and their confidence knowing the levels of exercise that they can safely perform. I would have no reservations in recommending the Heart to Heart service to all patients with heart failure. Dr Rory O'Hanlon

IMC No: 23012

I have worked with Karen for over ten years. She is a highly skilled clinician and excels at identifying patient’s needs and optimising their results. A number of my patients have attended Heart 2 Heart Cardiac Physiotherapy and the outcomes have been excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service. Professor Kenneth McDonald

Consultant Cardiologist

Was very shocked to find that I’d had Heart “incident”, and took it as a warning. Things that I’d promised myself over the last 15 to 20 years about living a healthier lifestyle and didn’t do came home to roost. So I was very pleased to find H2H. H2H have processes and systems that support your wellbeing and give you feedback on what you’re doing and how to improve without seemingly doing it; you’re aware after the fact. I found Karen to be professional, encouraging and supportive as I embarked on this odyssey to better manage my health. Tony Hall

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