Eight Week Cardiac Rehabilitation Course with Heart2Heart

Eight Week Cardiac Rehabilitation Course


This programme is suitable for anyone recovering from

A heart attack

Heart failure

Atrial Fibrillation

Cardiac Surgery


Cardiac stenting

Long covid

Prior to enrolling in the programme you will need to complete a consultation with one of our cardiac physiotherapists.


This is an eight week combined cardiovascular and weight training course designed specifically for you taking into account your cardiac condition and your capabilities. Each session consists of

A warm up to ensure coronary dilation

Circuit based training which is prescribed specifically for you so that even though you are exercising in a group it is to your own capacity, not under or over exercising.

A cool down bringing your heart back to your resting state.

Prior to the session your blood pressure and heart rate will be measured and throughout the session your heart rate is monitored.

Each week you will be progressed so that you will start to feel an improvement in your fatigue and breathlessness levels.

All your sessions are supervised by a cardiac physiotherapist. All our physiotherapists are chartered and CORU registered.


You will also have access to weekly educational newsletters and regular online education sessions. Our complimentary education sessions are delivered via the Zoom platform and aim to increase your knowledge around heart health and cover risk factors, exercise and diet. 

Our blog is also frequently updated with educational posts on cardiac health.

What else is involved in the programme?

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After a cardiac event you may feel very vulnerable and unsure about what you can an cannot do safely.

The overall aim of cardiac rehabilitation is for you to gain the full benefit of any cardiac procedure you may have received or any new medication that you may be on to manage your condition.  Cardiac rehabilitation will start to rebuild your confidence and optimise your performance after your cardiac event.

When ? 


Programmes take place Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Please be aware that the groups vary slightly in intensity and at your consultation your physiotherapist will explain same and suggest a suitable programme for you. 


The session take place at our Stillorgan clinic at 18-20 Merville Road Stillorgan. 


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