Cardiac Rehabilitation - Heart 2 Heart Cardiac physiotherapy

Are you ready to start your Cardiac Rehabilitation journey?

Have you recently had cardiac surgery, a heart attack or another cardiac event?

Are you feeling anxious after your cardiac event?

Are you unsure what your capabilities are now?

Have you alot of questions and unsure who to ask?

Are you feeling a little isolated?


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Our comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation assessment will get you on the road to recovery

Your consultation will consist of the following four components:

Personalised assessment


A comprehensive subjective assessment where we will explore your journey to date, establish any risk factors and explain what you need to do to get the best out of your cardiac rehabilitation.

Assess your breathing


 We will assess your breathing specifically how your main breathing muscle (the diaphragm) has been affected.



Assess your capability and set your personal benchmark


Complete an exercise test where we establish your parameters for exercise.



Create and implement a personal plan


 Design a comprehensive strategy to manage your heart disease in a manageable way with your specific goals addressed. 




Karen Cradock

Specialist Cardiac Physiotherapist

Having worked in cardiac rehabilitation now for over twenty years I appreciate how vulnerable you feel when recovering from a cardiac event.  For many of you there are very few scars and others quickly forget that this has happened to you.  Over the last number of years at Heart 2 Heart we have learned from our experience and have devised methods to make your recovery as easy as possible – allowing you to achieve your full potential after your cardiac event. I am looking forward to meeting you and walking with you along this journey.

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