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Online Cardiac Rehabilitation Course

With over 20 years experience working with clients who have recently had a cardiac diagnosis, we understand that it can be an overwhelming and challenging time. Recovery from a cardiac event or diagnosis can have both physical and emotional effects, and we at Heart 2 Heart realise that this journey is different for each individual.

Who is this online programme for?

This six-week cardiac rehab programme is suitable for anyone with a cardiac condition and this may include some of the following diagnoses:

Heart Attack

Heart Surgery

Heart Failure

Atrial Fibrillation

Cardiac Stent

Long Covid

We also cater for clients who are at risk of a cardiac event

So what is involved?

Stage One: Initial Consultation

The initial assessment is laid out as follows:

Cardiac Rehab Consultation: During this consultation your risk factors of heart disease will be identified and explored

Functional Capacity Test: This test allows us to establish your baseline exercise capacity. It will also help us to prescribe exercise that is specific to you and your abilities.

We will also ask you to complete a small number of questionnaires relating to your quality of life. It is important to also focus on your psychological health throughout the course of the programme.

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Stage Two: Education 

Following on from your initial consultation, you will receive a weekly newsletter every Friday that will contain an educational post on heart health and we also offer complimentary education sessions via Zoom on exercise and diet.

 One of the main aspects of cardiac rehabilitation is the education piece. Understanding your condition will enable you to take charge of its management and respond appropriately to any changes in your health or lifestyle.

 Some of the topics covered are listed below: 




Heart disease process

Risk Factors for heart disease, for example, smoking

Exercise and how it can help you manage your heart disease

Heart Failure


Stage Three: Exercise Sessions:

The online exercise sessions will take place once/twice weekly and will run for six weeks. These rehab exercise sessions will take place via the Zoom platform.  

One of the benefits of the online cardiac rehab programme is that even though you are exercising in the comfort of your own home, you will still be closely monitored by our cardiac physiotherapists centrally.

For these sessions you will be set up on an Uptivo heart rate monitoring device which consists of a chest strap – this allows us to monitor your heart rate during the session in our clinic.


Ever wondered what an online cardiac rehab session looks like?

Click below to play the video 


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“Recently I had Open Heart Surgery, the shock of that is enough but then to find the arrival of Covid 19 was Utterly terrifying .Then two Beacons of light appeared on the Horizon , in the form  of Karen and Fiona from Heart2 Heart ! They were able to competently and confidently conduct ALL my Post Op rehab through the Telehealth system. On returning to my surgeon for my final check up , he was so impressed by all H2H had done for me. I continue to improve and connect with H2H at least twice weekly for advice, classes and monitoring. The classes are fun too !”



“I started the Heart2Heart course in UCD on Feb 25th and the program moved online very quickly after UCD closed due to the lockdown. The sessions online were carried out via Zoom with great success and we did not miss a single week. Karen and Fiona got to grips with the new technology very quickly and we felt supported throughout. They also offered complimentary telephone sessions for 15 minutes which you could book online. I found this to be really useful and availed of it more than once. On one call Karen was even able to tell me if I had adjusted my respirator correctly by listening to it over the phone. They  organised for a BP monitor to be sent to me.  They talked me through using it, supplied a SAE so I could send it back to them and most importantly of all communicated with my cardiologist about the results. I have signed up for two more sets of online sessions and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I look forward to them and am feeling so much better in a short space of time. Apart from all that, the most wonderful thing about both Karen and Fiona is the sense of support you feel from them. They really care about their clients and this is just invaluable when you are feeling vulnerable and nervous. They are professional but also very warm in all their dealings with their clients. I cannot recommend Heart2Heart highly enough and would urge anyone who is considering it to sign up. Don’t worry about the technology, if you can receive an email you can do it!”



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