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Here are some interesting activity facts that might surprise you.

  • Each hour of television watched after the age of 25 reduces your life expectancy by 21.8 minutes
  • Women aged 15-24 years spend longer sitting (6.7 hours) than their male counterparts. Those engaged in home duties spend the least amount of time sitting (4.4 hours).
  • Over two thirds of people (68%) are not physically active
  • Being socially connected has many health benefits
  • Every cigarette smoked reduces your life by five and a half minutes
  • Within 8 hours of quitting smoking the carbon monoxide level in your blood will reduce and your oxygen level will increase.
  • High blood pressure is called the silent killer because you don’t normally know that you have it. To know your blood pressure you need to have a blood pressure test.  This is a simple test that gives you two numbers.  Your heart is a muscle.  It contracts (squeezes) and relaxes.  The squeeze (contraction) pressure is called systolic pressure.  This is the first number of your blood pressure.  The relaxation pressure is called the diastolic pressure and is the second number of your blood pressure.  So your health care professional might give you a number 130/80. Your aim is to have your blood pressure less than 140/90 and ideally less than 120/80.
  • Exercising 150 minutes per week significantly reduces your risk of heart disease.
  • Exercise reduces your cholesterol levels, blood pressure and heart hence reducing your cardiac risk factor profile.

At Heart 2 Heart we offer cardiac prevention programmes that help reduce your risk of heart disease.

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