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Breathlessness is an uncomfortable sensation that can be terrifying.  If you have a longstanding illness that makes you out of breath doing very little activity below are diagrams of the easiest way to catch your breath without using up too much energy. Being breathless uses a large amount of energy so after a bout you can feel exhausted.

Using these techniques you will conserve your energy and recover much faster.

Being breathless after doing something that required a lot of energy can be normal.  However if you notice that you are getting breathless doing something that you found easy before it is a good idea to see your doctor.  The earlier he or she can diagnose what might be wrong the sooner the breathlessness will resolve.

If you are breathless and the doctor has established that you are stable it is important that you start an exercise regime starting with a gentle walk of 5 minutes and gradually adding in 5 minutes per week. Each time to increase by 5 minutes you need to take a check.  Am I extremely tired after it? This means that you have done too much and you can reduce the increase to one minute.

At Heart 2 Heart we run programmes that help with the management of breathlessness and improve exercise capacity.  Before you start on a programme we will complete an exercise test.  This has two functions; to start your exercise regime at the right level but also to see if there are any causes for the breathlessness that a physiotherapist can manage; clearing sputum from your chest and exercise training.

Programmes take place on:

  • Mondays at 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 4pm and 5.30pm in Mount Merrion Community Centre
  • Tuesdays at 9am and 10.30am in UCD Sport
  • Wednesdays at 11am, 2pm, 3.30pm and 5pm in Kilcullen Business Campus

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