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When we take our pulse we use the radial pulse which can be palpated at the wrist

When taking your pulse it is important that you use your middle and index finger to palpate same.  You have a very strong pulse in your thumb so sometimes you may feel two pulse and get an incorrect number.


Run your middle and index finger down the thumb side of your wrist approximately 2 am as shown in the diagram.  You will come to a dip in the wrist and you should feel a lub dub sensation under your fingers.  This is your pulse.


Find a clock and count the number of lub dubs you feel in 30 seconds.

Multiple your number by 2 and that is your pulse

e.g: 35 beats counted = pulse of 70 beats per minute (35 x 2)

What is a normal pulse?

60- 100 beats per minute


If you have had a graft taken from your arm for your bypass surgery you need to use the other arm

Sometimes if you are used to doing a lot of manual work you may have callus formation on your fingers which can make it difficult to feel

click here to see a video on how to take your pulse.









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